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Introducing the Duration Analyzer™

Get StartedThe first tool of its kind serving the disability and workers’ compensation markets

Duration Analyzer is designed for organizations and health professionals who want to compare their claims data to gold-standard benchmarks. Analyze how your population compares to national datasets to identify areas for improvement and cost savings.

The MDGuidelines Difference

A powerhouse of actionable insight

Building on our rich history of helping employers and insurers manage the health of the populations they serve, MDGuidelines offers a range of capabilities to unite all stakeholders across the continuum of care in the pursuit of healthier outcomes, happier patients and a stronger bottom line. By ensuring the consistent application of tested-and-proven guidelines, treatments and recovery timeframes, MDGuidelines promotes the delivery of high-quality, value-based care. Here’s what sets us apart:

For more than 30 years, we’ve been building, adapting and innovating to provide the highest quality, most dependable clinical decision support in the industry.

With a collection of more than fifteen million cases, MDGuidelines offers an unmatched depth and breadth of data to support robust analytics that advance insights into consistency and quality of care and inform areas of improvement.

MDGuidelines delivers intelligent point-of-care clinical decision support, physiological duration tables, analytics and consulting services that empower providers, insurers and employers to successfully improve outcomes, promote active lifestyles and achieve tangible ROI.

Anatomy of an Evidence-Based Guideline

What actually goes into making the gold standard in evidence-based practice guidelines? From in-depth review processes to robust clinical research, MDGuidelines offers the industry’s most trusted guidelines. Watch our quick, animated video to learn how we make guidelines you can trust.

Learn about ReedGroup’s MDGuidelines’ advanced capabilities, including EMR and workflow system integration and analytics.

How We Help

Improving outcomes for a stronger bottom line

MDGuidelines includes recovery timeframe estimates as well as evidence-based guidelines from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM). Along with robust analytics and clinical expertise, MDGuidelines supports better decision-making, case management and improved health outcomes. MDGuidelines delivers intelligent clinical decision support right at the point of care. Our unique combination of content, tools and protocols aligns all stakeholders toward common goals by helping to:

  • Improve care consistency and outcomes
  • Eliminate costly variations in care
  • Optimize utilization of services
  • Promote the delivery of high-quality care
  • Quantify the financial impact of reducing care durations
  • Strengthen relationships between providers, insurers and employers

Client Testimonials

See what our current clients have to say about using MDGuidelines.

Our Approach

Uniting stakeholders across the continuum of care

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing and, with it, the way individuals receive care. To succeed, everyone across the continuum of care must work together to achieve the Triple Aim: better outcomes, lower costs and a more positive patient experience. MDGuidelines integrates evidence-based guidelines, physiological duration tables and clinical analytics to help all stakeholders drive better outcomes together.

  • Provide personalized, coordinated care
  • Implement best practices
  • Reduce variations in care
  • Initiate more targeted interventions

  • Enhance workforce productivity
  • Support more effective utilization
  • Promote healthier lifestyles
  • Manage employee leaves more effectively

  • Strengthen provider relationships
  • Return to health quickly and safely
  • Understand treatment plans and recovery times

  • Make smarter decisions on claims
  • Determine medical necessity
  • Achieve compliance

  • Shorten disability durations
  • Improve access to timely, high-quality care
  • Reduce drug and treatment costs
  • Rely on defensible guidelines

Download our white paper to learn more about how evidence-based guidelines, recovery timeframe estimates and analytics work together to drive success for providers, employers, insurers and patients.

Our Solution

Optimizing organizational performance

MDGuidelines helps healthcare stakeholders thrive in an increasingly competitive and complex environment with a proprietary set of content, tools, analytics and services for benchmarking and improving performance. Features include:

Point-of-care decision support

  • Physiological duration tables provide reliable guidance
  • Evidence-based practice guidelines and formulary eliminate unnecessary clinical variations
  • Predictive modeling creates personalized duration estimates by factoring in demographic variables
  • EMR integration and the Diagnosis and Related Treatment (DART) tool make guidelines part of clinical workflows and care protocols


  • Benchmarking against normative data identifies trends
  • Big data insights lead to clinical and financial improvements
  • Scorecards show performance at the diagnostic category and condition level
  • Return on investment calculations quantify the financial impacts


  • Business intelligence shows opportunities for organization-wide improvements
  • Clinical support to help physicians and care managers effectively use MDGuidelines
  • Utilization best practices reveal most efficient and effective care protocols


MDGuidelines’ Duration Views tool enables case managers and clinicians to estimate recovery timeframes more accurately than ever before. Featuring a robust predictive model that leverages millions of claims and a proprietary machine learning algorithm, Duration Views generates precise, personalized duration estimates.

The Duration Views tool is included with every MDGuidelines subscription.


What clients say about us

Many organizations are using MDGuidelines to improve outcomes while increasing ROI and more. Here’s how it’s working for them:

With its foundations in medical evidence, MDGuidelines is far more defensible than anecdotal medicine that all too often guides treatment decision and may cause damage to patients.

Dr. Brian Grant
President and Medical Director, Medical Consultants Network, LLC

MDGuidelines is useful and we value its non-biased, objective nature and scientifically backed information.

Matthew Hutchinson
RN, Occupational Nurse Consultant, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

CASE STUDY: Learn about Kaiser Permanente’s experience with MDGuidelines.


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