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Helping new providers apply evidence-based guidelines in clinical settings

Use MDGuidelines to review your diagnosis and treatment plan

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  • 1200+ conditions and procedures
  • Overviews, medical illustrations, workflows
  • Incidence, prevalence
  • Risk factors, causation
  • Diagnostic criteria, signs and symptoms, red flags
  • Physical exam, differential diagnosis, medical history questionnaires
  • Diagnostic interventions, screening procedures
Doctor talking to patient
  • Recommendations, harms and benefits, rationales
  • Common comorbidities affecting treatment, complications
  • Prognosis
  • Follow-up care
Woman getting physical therapy treatment
  • Durations, factors affecting daily activities, work accommodations
  • Rehabilitation guidelines and treatments
  • Maximum medical improvement, failure to recover questions

Who has been jump starting their new careers with MDGuidelines:

Medical Residents
Medical Students
Allied Health Students
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