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MDGuidelines includes powerful web-based tools and content designed to help people with illness or injury return to health as quickly and safely as possible. Explore what’s possible and learn about our unique product features below. 


ACOEM Clinical Practice Guidelines

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) Clinical Practice Guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations on how to efficiently diagnose and effectively treat the most common injuries and illnesses related to the working-age population. Clinicians can use the ACOEM guidelines to help return individuals to normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Diagnosis and Related Treatments (DART)

Quickly search by medical code or keyword to find a topic covered by the ACOEM Clinical Practice Guidelines. You can indicate what category of treatment you are looking for, such as diagnostic interventions or medications, and what phase of treatment the patient is in, such as acute or chronic. You can also search by treatment.


The Formulary is a unique tool to promote quality of care, positive therapeutic outcomes, and safe, cost-effective drug choices. Based on recommendations from the ACOEM Practice Guidelines, the Formulary provides evidence support for therapeutic agents so that healthcare providers can choose the most appropriate medication therapy for work-related injuries.

Disability Duration Estimates

MDGuidelines’ Durations provide approximate recovery timeframes based on physiological healing. Physiological healing is the amount of time needed to recover from a specific illness or injury and is independent of comorbidities and psychosocial factors. MDGuidelines’ Population Data reflects real-world recovery estimates based on millions of claims – these estimates can be used for benchmarking to determine how your population is performing against the broader population.

Health Advisor

The MDGuidelines Health Advisor covers more than 1,200 medical conditions and procedures, providing resources to enhance the quality and consistency of patient care and improve patient outcomes. Health Advisor topics include evidence-based content helps set expectations for recovery.

Medical History Questionnaires

ACOEM-designed intake forms that help clinicians collect relevant health information from patients


The Crosswalk tool aligns diagnosis and procedure codes to diagnostic and treatment recommendations found in ACOEM and state-specific guidelines.

ACOEM Workflows

Evidence-based visual algorithms used to support clinical decision-making


Access MDGuidelines research studies, webinar recordings, infographics, news articles, and more.

Medical Costs

Our Medical Cost and Treatment Utilization tool can help clients predict medical costs for a case, compare medical costs to national benchmarks, and review diagnosis and treatment statistics. Simply type in a keyword or medical code and a few details about the case to view the range of expected expenses and the commonly used prescriptions or services for people with that condition.

State Treatment Guidelines

Links to medical treatment guidelines from across the country.

Duration Views

Duration Views explores summary statistics from our database of 20+ million real-world claims. You can adjust the population estimates for recovery based on an individual’s demographics and comorbidities. Because our dataset is so large, we can select age, sex, job class, and program type to provide an estimated recovery time. This predictive modeling tool also shows which comorbid conditions are most likely to affect durations and adjusts the predicted duration accordingly.

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