Maximizing Employee Wellbeing and Minimizing Disruptions: The Role of Occupational Health and Case Management

occupational health

In the realm of occupational health (OH), efficient case management is pivotal for organizations to maintain operations while prioritizing employee wellbeing. This article from Cority (published October 31, 2023) explores those insights. The interview with Kerri Wizner, MPH, an occupational epidemiologist at MDGuidelines, and Julianna Giordanella, Product Marketing Manager at Cority, discusses the integration of medical disability durations and clinical guidelines into OH practices.

Case management in occupational health is not uniform but requires a tailored approach, emphasizing coordination and collaboration among stakeholders. The primary objectives include:

  • facilitating a timely return to work (RTW)
  • reducing disability costs, and
  • enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity.

This approach is crucial for addressing individual needs and preferences, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

The interview highlights the importance of early intervention in case management. Proactive measures, such as setting clear recovery goals and discussing modified duty options, significantly influence positive outcomes. Notably, research shows that establishing pain expectations before surgery can reduce post-operative opioid demand.

Another focal point is the evolving challenges in occupational health, particularly in managing mental health conditions post-COVID-19. Companies are encouraged to treat mental health on par with physical injuries, considering cognitive, psychomotor, and sensory demands in the workplace.

Finally, the conversation advises health professionals to use data creatively for optimal clinical and financial outcomes. Implementing disability duration guidelines as a standard can significantly enhance the quality of care and reduce time away from work, ultimately benefiting both employees and organizations.

Organizations seeking to optimize their case management processes can greatly benefit from the solutions offered by Cority and MDGuidelines, which focus on enhancing employee well-being and streamlining the RTW process.




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