MTUS / ACOEM Navigator

Introducing a new way to experience MTUS and ACOEM comprehensive Clinical Practice Guidelines.

The new MTUS / ACOEM Navigator provides an improved user experience, making it faster and easier for MDGuidelines users to find evidence-based clinical guidance. 

Quickly and easily find the information you need,
without tireless searching.

If you are a medical resident, medical student, or allied health professional student, please submit an application using your .edu email to receive 1 year of free access to MDGuidelines.

The Benefits of MTUS / ACOEM Navigator 

Quickly find conditions, diagnoses, treatments, and more using the reorganized guideline landing pages
Expand, collapse, and scroll so you can see the entirety of the guideline with fewer clicks
See the guidelines section at-a-glance or jump to any section using the floating table of contents palette
Easily include guideline recommendations with source information into your own workflow by copying and pasting
Quickly find keywords and phrases within a guideline using the enhanced search tool
Use the bookmark tool to tag the guideline sections most important to you so you can easily reference the pages later
If you are a medical resident without a .edu email, please contact us at to confirm your program information.
Medical Residents
Medical Students
Allied Health Students

Frequently Asked Questions

The new ACOEM Navigator is a web-based tool to help you navigate the collection of American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) Clinical Practice Guidelines. The Navigator makes it fast and easy to find evidence-based clinical guidance about common injuries and illnesses in the working-age population.
The ACOEM Clinical Practice Guidelines are renowned for their in-depth coverage of illnesses and injuries. Guidelines may contain thousands of pages covering hundreds of research studies. Because the ACOEM guidelines cover so much material in such detail, it can be challenging to find what you’re looking for. The Navigator helps solve that problem by introducing a structured way to browse the ACOEM content, reducing the number of clicks and simplifying the presentation.
The presentation of the ACOEM Guidelines has been enhanced so that you can find information more easily. The new accordion-style layout allows guideline content to be displayed on one, searchable page where each section can be easily expanded or collapsed, helping you stay oriented within the guideline. We’ve simplified the design so that more information is available at your fingertips, without having to click through pages and pages of content.
The ACOEM Navigator includes bookmark, copy, and find features so you can save passages for future access, cite sections of the guideline easily, and look up keywords within sections of text. The Navigator also features a floating toolbar palette that includes each guideline’s table of contents to help you see the full picture of the guideline at a glance and quickly jump to any section of interest.
The ACOEM Navigator is designed for people who want simplified access to the content provided in the ACOEM Clinical Practice Guidelines. If you want to explore the entire spectrum of care from diagnosis to reoccurrence, or find answers to your diagnostic and treatment questions within the context of the guidelines, the ACOEM Navigator will help you find answers to your questions and review the underlying research supporting the recommendations.
No. The ACOEM Navigator is available at no additional cost to all MDGuidelines subscribers.
The ACOEM Navigator is built into the ACOEM Clinical Practice Guidelines content area in MDGuidelines. Just click the gold “ACOEM Guidelines” tile on the homepage, and the Navigator will guide you from there.

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